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Christopher Vilmar is Assistant Professor of English Literature at Salisbury University, located on the Eastern Shore in Salisbury, Maryland, USA. His research interests include English literature during the "long" eighteenth century, which he defines as the period between roughly 1640-1832 in order to begin with the English Civil War and Hobbes's Leviathan and to end with the novels of Jane Austen. Of particular interest to him is satiric literature in both verse and prose, the novel, and nonfictional prose genres such as the essay and the dialogue. Among his secondary interests are literary theory, especially hermeneutic and dialogic theories, and the classical, medieval, and European influences upon and contexts for eighteenth-century English literature.

His current book project attempts to develop an innovative theory of satire and then test its explanatory power by reading widely in the works of Samuel Johnson. He is also at work on several shorter essays, on hermeneutics and time in Laurence Sterne's Tristram Shandy, on the influence of Renaissance humanism on Johnson's Latin verse, and on the edition of Robinson Crusoe, co-edited with Olaf Simons, for