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Professor at Rutgers University with a special interest in the early modern period and Europe's intellectual history. Martin Mulsow studied philosophy at the University of Munich, he received the Premio internazionale di storia della filosofia Luigi de Franco and he was - from 2002-03 - a member of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton. His publications deal with renaissance philosophy, the history of scholarship, libertinism, and the radical enlightenment.

Selected Publications

  • Moderne aus dem Untergrund. Radikale Frühaufklärung in Deutschland 1680-1720. (Hamburg: Meiner 2002) Advertisement.
  • Freethinking in Early Eighteenth-Century Protestant Germany: Peter Friedrich Arpe and the Traité des trois Imposteurs; in: S. Berti, F. Charles-Daubert, R.H. Popkin (eds.): Heterodoxy, Spinozism and Free Thought (Dordrecht: Kluwer 1996), pp. 193-239.
  • Gundling versus Buddeus: Competing Models of the History of Philosophy. In: Donald R. Kelley (ed.): History and the Disciplines. The Reclassification of Knowledge in Early Modern Europe (Rochester: University of Rochester Press 1997), pp. 103-126.

At Marteau

  • Ein tugendhafter Vanini, ein trinitarischer Spinoza und ein lutherischer Bruno: ‚Deus sive natura‘ in der Theorienmotorik der deutschen Frühaufklärung. link
  • Gottlieb Stolle, Begegnungen in Rotterdam, 6.-8. August 1703. Notes from his conversations with Pierre Bayle, Caspar Kohlhans, Paulus Crellius and Jacques Basnage de Beauval. e-text edition link


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