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[Richard Head?]
The French Rogue (1672).

History of Publication
  a this editionThe French Rogue (1672).
  b [...] (1694).
  c [...] (1704): {L: 12511.aaaa.43}.
  d [newly set] (London: N. & M. Boddington, 1716).link
  e [...] (London: N. & M. Boddington, 1720).link

Offered with pride: the report of his dubious parentage and his numerous cheats and pranks, which mainly serve to ridicule his victims: his "father", who could hardly be his natural father, his teacher, who discoveres his wife in the most stupid situation with her lover, the sleeping monk whose swollen cock is sucked by a calf brought into the room to do the job (which offeres the hero a chance to put a flaming inscription on the wall brandishing the monk's sinful desires). Further victims are the bandits, who arrest the rogue, the whores, who want to relief the assumed rich silk merchant of his riches, the church in Rome, the king in France, merchants in Amsterdam etc. etc.