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[Head, Richard?]
The French Rogue: or, The Life of Monsieur Ragoue de Versailles (London: N. & M. Boddington, 1720).

THE| French Rogue:| OR, THE| LIFE| OF| Monsieur RAGOUE| de Versailles.| CONTAINING| His Parentage, Monstrous Birth, Early| Rogueries, Pleasant and Witty Pranks,| not only in France, but in divers other| Countries. With the Strange and| Wonderful Plots, Projects, Policies| and Stratagems, by which he Contri-|ved, Managed and Brought about his| Villanies, and escaped many Dan-|gers, and more particular the Prank| he played with the French KING, &c.| All very Comical and Delightful.| [rule]| With large Additions not in| any former Impression.| [rule]| Done from the Original by J. S.| [rule]| LONDON: Printed for M. Boddington, at the| Golden Ball in Duck-Lane, 1720.


[cheap design] titlepage/ [2] pp. preface signed: J. S./ [2] pp. "On the ingenious Author of the French Rogue"; signed: J. S./ p.1-160/ 12.


{O: Douce R.465} {NA:CLU-C: PQ1875.M78F8E 1720}.


RP: reel 4046, no. 30.

Bibliographical Reference

ESTC: n018714.


ESTC: "Frequently but incorrectly attributed to Charles de Fieux, Chevalier de Mouhy [1701-84], but possibly by Richard Head [1637?-86], author of the English Rogue".


p. A3r: "small Book".

History of Publication

Cf. The French Rogue (1672).link