lineThe Novel

Congreve, William,
Incognita: or, Love and Duty reconcil'd. A Novel (London, 1692).


{L: Ashley.449}

History of Publication
a this editionIncognita: or, Love and Duty reconcil'd. A Novel by Mr. Congreve. (London, 1692).
b øpreface (1700). {L:}
c [...] (London R. Wellington, 1713).link
d (1730). {L: 275.g.15}link

Preface (missing in later editions) about the new genre of novels. Gallant novel with emphasis on Dialogues and compliments. Beautiful handling of the narrator's voice playing with the situation of the narration itself. Digressions for the pleasure of the author, descriptions whilst the reader is allegedly urging author to get on with the plot.