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Congreve, William,
Incognita: or, Love and Duty reconcil'd. A Novel (London R. Wellington, 1713).


INCOGNITA:| Or,| LOVE| AND| DUTY| RECONCIL'D.| A| NOVEL.| [rule]| By Mr. CONGREVE.| LONDON,| Printed for R. Wellington at the Dolphin and| Crown in St. Paul's Church-yard, 1713.| [underneath frame]| [pointing hand] The Adventures of Lindamira, a Lady of| Quality, written with her own Hand to her Friend| in the Country in 24 Letters, being a very enter-|taining History.| Price 2 s.


{C: Williams.546 [ø first sheet "A", i.e. preface]}: titlepage/ [...]/p.1-127/ p.[128] books published by R. Wellington/ 12.


{C: Williams.546 [ø first sheet "A", i.e. preface]} {NA:CLU-C: PR3364.I.31}.

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ESTC: n007765.


Titel: "Novel".

History of Publication

Cf. 1st edition (1692).link