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Swift, Jonathan,
A Tale of a Tub (London: J. Nutt, 1704).


A| TALE| OF A| TUB.| Written for the Universal Im-|provement of Mankind.| [rule]| Diu multumque desideratum.| [...] LONDON: Printed for John Nutt, near| Stationers-Hall. M DCC IV.

History of Publication

Cf. W. H. McBurney (1960), p.6-7 and ESTC for further editions. At least 10 editions appeared till 1730:

A. a this edition[...] (London: J. Nutt, 1704).
b [...] 2nd edition (London: J. Nutt, 1704).
c 3rd editon (London: J. Nutt, 1704).
d 4th edition (London: J. Nutt, 1705).
e 4th edition (Dublin: Re-Printed and are to be sold only at Dick's and Loyd's Cofee-Houses, and the Printing Press in Fishamble Street, 1705).
f 5th edition (London: J. Nutt, 1710).link eText: Deep Singh,
g [...] ANNO
h 6th edition (London: S. Tooke/ B. Motte, 1724).
i (1726).
j 7th edition (London: B. Mote, 1727).

Inspired by the success - frequently attributed to George Duckett. Accordig to R. Straus (1927), p.235 first published by E. Curll:

B. a A Second Tale of a Tub: or, The History of Robert Powel the Puppet-Show-Man (London: J. Roberts, 1715). [Date of Publication: Prior to May 1715 - Charles Montagu, the Earl of Halifax dies after short illness on 19 May 1715 - and is still noted among the living.]link
b [...] second edition (London: J. Roberts, 1715).link
c. [...] third edition (London: J. Roberts, 1717).link

Title: "Tale".


Complete History of the Christian Religion with all its factions presented as a satire about three brothers - interrupted by Prefaces, "Digressions" adorned with footnotes. Designed to keep the secondary discourse busy like the tub given to a whale to play with if he threatens to tumble the boat.


A Complete Key to The Tale of a Tub; with some account of the authors (London: E. Curll, 1710).