[Manley, Delarivier,] Atalantis, 2 (London: J. Morphew/ J. Woodward, 1709).


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Manley, Delarivier,
Atalantis, 2 (London: J. Morphew/ J. Woodward, 1709).

[Manley, Delarivier,] Atalantis, 2 (London: J. Morphew/ J. Woodward, 1709).

SECRET| MEMOIRS| AND| MANNERS| Of several| Persons of Quality,| OF| Both SEXES.| FROM THE| New ATALANTIS,| AN| Island in the Mediteranean.| [rule]| Written Originally in ITALIAN, and Translated| from the Third Edition of the French.| THE SECOND VOLUME.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for John Morphew near Stationer's-Hall, and| J. Woodward in St. Christopher's Church-yard, in| Thread-needle-street. 1709.


Frontispiece [Astrea descending from heaven, Fame leads her to the island of Atalantis, Virtue desperate at the island's shore. Background: Port and fortified town. Text: »O Sacred Truth inspire and rule my Page.-| So many reforming Satire mend a viciously Age:| Whilst thy Enlightning Rays adorn & guard ye Place| Astrea's glorious Form Surveys the Race.-| And Virtue wears the bright Ormonda's Face«]/ titlepage/ [10] pp. dedication: Henry Duke of Beaufort; Errata, adrvertisement for 3rd enlarged edition of vol. 1/ p.1-272/ 8.


*{7: 8.FAB.ROM.IX,810} *{L: 636.d.8.(2) [with Key]} {L: 1081.m.2} {NA:CtY: IK.M314.709S}.

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cf. 1st pt. 1709.reference


Preface, reacapitulating the success of vol. 1. Reflections on the modes of satire. Introduction of midwife Mrs. Night as additional narrator. Tricky integration of Delarivier Manley's own story as Delia's history. A case of whitewashing in which the author does not hesitate to blame others of her sex of deeds far worse than hers.