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The Second Part of the Impartial Secret History of Arlus, Fortunatus, and Odolphus [16] (1710).


THE| Second Part| Of the Impartial| SECRET HISTORY| OF| Arlus, Fortunatus, and Odolphus,| Ministers of State| TO THE| Empress of GRAND-INSULA.| In which are Discover'd,| The true and Just Causes of the Removal of| Arlus, And Justice is done to the Character of Fortunatus| and Odolphus; and They prov'd to have discharg'd Their| Trust with Equal Honour, Honesty, and Success.| [rule]| Humbly offer'd to those Good People of Grand-Insula who| love their Country, are not bigotted to a Party.| [rule]| Quid Romæ faciam? Mentiri nescio, Librum| Si malus est, nequeo Laudare-----| [rule]| Printed in the Year, 1710.


Titlepage/ p.2-35/ 1 p. blank/ 16.



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ESTC: t047343.

History of Publication

Actually this is not "The Second Part of the Impartial Secret History of Arlus and Odolphus" but a (pirate) second edition of the The Impartial Secret History of Arlus and Odolphus (1710).link The attribute "second part" is chosen as the text which originally attacked the Secret [and not impartial] History of Arlus and Odolphus (1710)link is sold here as a continuation by the same author. Cf. Secret Memoirs and Manners of Several Persons of Quality, of both Sexes from the New Atalantis, 1 (London J. Morphew/ J. Woodward, 1709).link