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Manley, Delarivier,
Memoirs of Europe, 2nd edition (London: J. Morphew, 1711).


MEMOIRS| OF| EUROPE,| Towards the Close of the| Eighth Century.| [rule]| Written by| EGINARDUS,| Secretary and Favourite to| CHARLEMAGNE;| And done into English by the| TRANSLATOR| OF THE| New ATALANTIS.| [rule]| The Second Edition, Corrected.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for JOHN MORPHEW, near| Stationers-Hall, 1711.


[2 vols. sep. pag.] vol. 1: titlepage/ [8] pp. dedication: Isaac Bickerstaff [i.e. Steele, Richard]; signed: D[elarivier]. M[anley]./ [6] pp. preface u. books published by John Morphew/ p.1-334/ 8°. Some editions of offer the appendix of A Key to the Third Volume of The Atalantis, call'd, Memoirs of Europe/ vol. 2: 336 pp.


*{L: 636.d.11 [øvol. 2]} {NA:MH: 15493.52}.

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Cf. Secret Memoirs and Manners of Several Persons of Quality, of both Sexes from the New Atalantis, 1 (London J. Morphew/ J. Woodward, 1709).link