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Abu Bakr Ibn Al-Tufail, Abu Ja'far, Hayy ibn Yaqzan
Ebn Tophail, Abu Jaafar, Hai Ebn Yokdhan, transl. by Simon Ockley (London: G. Harris, 1711).


The Improvement of| HUMAN REASON,| Exhibited in the LIFE of| Hai Ebn Yokdhan:| Written in Arabick above 500 Years| ago, by Abu Jaafar Ebn Tophail.| In which is demonstrated| By what Methods one may, by the meer| Light of Nature, attain the Knowledg| of things Natural and Supernatural;| more particularly the Knowledg of GOD,| and the Affairs of another Life.| [rule]| Illustrated with proper Figures| [rule]| Newly Translata[!]d from the original Arabick,| by SIMON OCKLEY, A. M. Vicar of| Swaversey, in Cambridgshire.| [rule]| With an APPENDIX,| In which the Possibility of Man's attain-|ing the True Knowledg of GOD, and| Things necessary to Salvation, without| Instruction, is briefly consider'd.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed by E. P. and Sold by G. Harris, 1711.


[with engravings]/ [12] pp./ 195 pp./ [1] p./ 8.


{NA:TxU: B753.I53R53.1711 [øfrontispiece]}.

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Cf. Philosophus autodidacticus [lat.], transl. by E. Pococke (Oxford, 1671).link