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The Secret History of Queen Zarah, and the Zarazians [...] by way of appendix to the New Atalantis (1711).


THE| Secret History| OF| Queen Zarah,| AND THE| Zarazians.| CONTAINING| The True Reasons of the Necessity of| the Revolution that lately happen'd| in the Kingdom of Albigion.| [rule]| By way of Appendix to the New Atalantis.| [rule]| In Two Parts.| [rule]| Albigion: Printed in the Year 1711.| Price Bound 2 s.


Identical reprint of the 1705 edition - only the titlepage is new. [2 vols. sep. pag.] titlepage/ 1[2] pp. preface/ p.1-119/ p.[120] blank/ 2: p.[1] new titlepage/ p.[3-8] preface/ p.9-142/ [2] pp. blank/ 12.


*{L: 12614.ccc.24} {NA:MH: Br 2013.10.8.+}.

Bibliographical reference

ESTC: t047394.


Title: "Secret History"; 1: Bl.A2r: "Little History"; 2: p.[7]: "a Romantick Tale of a Tub, tho' some People, I cannot tell from what Grounds, are positive there is some Truth in it".


Bound 2 s.

History of Publication

Cf. first edition (1705).link The 1711-edition tries to exploit the success of the rivalling Atalantis (1709).link