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Three Ingenious Spanish Novels [...] second edition (London: E. Tracey, 1712).


Three Ingenious Spanish| NOVELS:| NAMELY,| I. The Loving REVENGE:| Or WIT in a WOMAN.| II. The Lucky ESCAPE: Or, The| JILT Detected.| III. The Witty EXTRAVAGANT:| Or, The Fortunate LOVER.| CONTAINING| Several Amorous Intrigues, Subtle Plots,| and surprizing Turns of Fortune.| WRITTEN| By Don Alonso Savorsano, a Famous| Spanish Nobleman; and render'd into French by| one of the most Refin'd Wits of that Nation.| [rule]| Translated with Advantage.| [rule]| By a Person of Quality.| The Second Edition.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for E. Tracy, at the Three Bibles| on London-Bridge, 1712.


Frontispiece [wood-cut: noble man in old fashioned costume at table writing a letter]/ titlepage/ [2] pp. preface signed: J[ohn]. D[avies of Kidwelly]./ p.1-162/ 12.


*{L: 12490.aaaa.9} {C: 7743.e.68}

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Title: »Novels«.

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Cf. 1st engl. ed. (1709).link The Three Ingenious Novels were also sold in A Collection of six new delightful Novels (London: E. Tracy, 1710).link