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[Captain Bland?]
The Northern Atalantis (London: A. Baldwin, 1713).


THE| Northern ATALANTIS:| OR,| YORK SPY.| DISPLAYING| The Secret Intrigues and Adventures of| the Yorkshire Gentry; more particularly the| Amours of MELISSA.| WITH| A Description of the Ancient and Famous City| of YORK, and what is most Remarkable therein,| viz. The Minister, Round-Tower, Castle, King's| Palace, &c. Also the Celebrated Story of the| FRYAR and the NUN, occasion'd by a Piece| of Carv'd Work in the Chapter-House.| The whole Interspers'd with several Diverting Poeti-|cal Amusements, among which is APPLE-PYE:| Or, Instructions to NELLY, A POEM. Being a| Nice and Perfect Account of the Origin, Progress, Art,| and Method, of that Incomparable Viand.| Written| in Imitation of VIRGILL's Georgicks, in the Year,| 1710, by the late Ingenious Dr. WIELIAM KING.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for A. Baldwin, near the Oxford-Arms in| Warwick-Lane. 1713.| Price 1 s.


titlepage/ p.1-70/ 4.


*{7: 8.FAB.IX,794} {NA:MH: 15492.35.12}.

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Captain Bland

History of Publication

Second edition the same Cf. for the Atalantis-allusion: Secret Memoirs and Manners of Several Persons of Quality, of both Sexes from the New Atalantis, 1 (London J. Morphew/ J. Woodward, 1709).link


Intro: reverie of an evening's walk. Interruption: an invitation to York. The report of several tours through the town with visits of its public places becomes the frame for character sketches and lively observations especially of the lower classes in the streets; short stories included. p.57-64: Melissa manages to marry a rich fop, a mesalliance on both sides. The poem about »apple-pie« praises the mentioned pastry with all afforded historical and technical erudition. The last sentence is true in any case - p.70: »Pleas'd or not pleas'd, you can't have your Money again«.