lineThe Novel

by several Hands,
The Court of Atalantis (London: J. Roberts, 1714).


THE| COURT| OF| ATALANTIS.| CONTAINING,| A Four Years HISTORY of that| Famous ISLAND,| Political and Gallant;| Intermixt with| Fables and Epistles| IN| VERSE and PROSE.| [rule]| By several Hands.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed and Sold by J. ROBERTS in| Warwick-Lane. M DCC XIV.


Titlepage/ p.i-vi dedication: Richard Temple/ 1-151/ p.153-26 [recte: 177] »Ęsculapius«/ p.179-310/ [2] pp. Contents/ 8°.


*{L: 1470.b.30} {NA:MH: 15496.195} {NA:ICN: Case.Y.1565.C8809}.

Bibliographical Reference

ESTC: t100473.


RP: reel 3046, no. 5.

History of publication

The Title alludes to the sucessfull Atalantis (1709).link it integrates "Ęsculapius or the Hospital of Fools" by William Walsh (1663-1708) - of which edition with identical pagination was also sold in the appendix of Poems and Translations by Several Hands (London: J. Pemberton, 1714), *{L:}.

  a linkThe Court of Atalantis (London: J. Roberts, 1714). [Reprint: ed. M. F. Shugrue (New York/ London, 1973).]
  b Court Tales: or, a History of the Amours of the Present Nobility (London: J. Roberts, 1717).link
  c [...] Second Edition (London: E. Curll, 1720).link
  d Second Edition (London, 1732). {L: G.16497}


The title did not really fit (and his hence exchanged for one with less political connotations); The book does not offer a coherent action, individual headlines like »Julio«, »Cloe and Claudius« etc., structure it. All the stories are told with a certain distance of the narrators voices towards their subjects. Stylistically three "hands" and parts can be seperated: The first consists of elegant summaries of recent stories. p.153-78: William Walsh's satire with numerous voices. Thirdly longer stories with complex plots and poems included - dealing with marraige arrangements and reaching sometimes tragic constellations of emoitional ties and conflicting interests.


in M. F. Shugrue (New York/ London, 1973).