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Fénelon, François de Salignac de la Mothe,
The Adventures of Telemachus [...] translated from the last Paris edition, which is the only genuine, and agreeable to the Author's Manuscript [...] done into English by Mr. Is. Littlebury and Mr. A. Boyer, vol. 1. (London: W. Churchill, 1719).

THE| ADVENTURES| OF| TELEMACHUS,| The SON of| ULYSSES.| [rule]| Written in French by the late Mr. Fran-|cis de Salignac de la Motte Fenelon,| Preceptor to the Children of France,| and afterwards Archbishop of Cam-|bray.| Translated from the last Paris Edition,| which is the only genuine, and agreea-|ble to the Author's Manuscript; and de-|dicated to the King of France.| [rule]| Done into English by| Mr. Is. Littlebury and Mr. A. Boyer,| [rule]| Vol. I.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for William Churchill, at the Black Swan| in Pater-Noster-Row. 1719.


[2 vols. sep. pag.] 1: frontispiece [portrait: Fénelon]/ p.[i] black and red titlepage/ p.[iii]-vi "Preface to the last French Paris Edition"/ p.[vii]-xxx "Advertisement about this English Version"; dat.: Covent Garden, London, 14.10.1718; signed A. Boyer/ p.[xxxi]-xxxvi "An Allusion to the Bishop of Cambray's Telemachus. In Imitation of Homer. Written in the Year 1707 by the late Duke of Devonshire" [poem]/ p.1-37 "A Discourse upon Epick Poetry, and the Excellence of the Poem Telemachus" [idenpendent translation rivalling E. Curll's and Pemberton's editionlink]/ p.38-309/ 2: titlepage/ p.1-487.


{NA:CLU-C: Pq.1795.T53E 1719 v.1-2} {Cpem: 34.17.30 [only vol. 2]}.


RP: reel 4057, no. 10.

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ESTC: n004302.

History of Publication

Cf. Fénelon, François de Salignac de la Mothe, Les aventure de Télémaque, 1 (La Haye, 1699).link


New edition backed by the two original translators. Argues against Ozell's competing edition (London: E. Curll/ J. Pemberton/ W. Taylor, 1715).link