lineThe Novel

Manley, Delarivier,
Atalantis, 1-4, 6th edition (London: J. Morphew, 1720).

[Manley, Delarivier,] Atalantis, 1-4, 6th edition (London: J. Morphew, 1720).

SECRET| MEMOIRS| AND| MANNERS| of several| PERSONS of QUALITY| of Both SEXES.| FROM THE| New ATALANTIS,| AN| Island in the Mediterranean.| [rule]| In Four Volumes.| [rule]| Written Originally in ITALIAN.| [rule]| VOL. I.| [rule]| The Sixth Edition| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for John Morphew near Stationers-|Hall. 1720.


[4 vols. sep. pag.] frontispiece [copied from vol. 2 (1709).link]/ 1: p.[i] titlepage/ p.iii-vi dedication: Henry Duke of Beaufort/ 7-275/ 1-12 Key vols. 1-4/ 2: p.[i] new titlepage »vol. 2«/ p.iii-viii dedication: Henry Duke of Beaufort/ 9-323/ 3: p.[i] new titlepage »vol. 3«/ p.iii-xii dedication: Isaac Bickerstaff [i.e. Steele, Richard]/ 13-333/ 4: p.[i] new titlepage »vol. 4«/ p.iii-x »The French Translator's Epistle Dedicatory to Louisa of Savoy [i.e. Abigail Masham]«/ 11-334/ [2] pp. »Books written by the Author of the New Atalantis and published by J. Morphew«/ 12.


**{12: P.o.angl.232.k} *{L: 1081.f.14}.

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Cf. Secret Memoirs and Manners of Several Persons of Quality, of both Sexes. From The New Atalantis (London: J. Morphew/ J. Woodward, 1709).link