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[Defoe, Daniel?]
The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Majr. Alexander Ramkins (London: W. Boreham, 1720).

THE| LIFE| and strange Surprizing| ADVENTURES| OF| Majr. Alexander Ramkins,| A| HIGHLAND-OFFICER,| Now in Prison at| AVIGNON.| BEING| An Account of several remarkable| Adventures during about Twenty Eight| Years Service in Scotland, Germany, Italy,| Flanders and Ireland; exhibiting a very| agreeable and instructive Lesson of Hu-|man Life, both in a Publick and Private| Capacity, in several pleasant Instances of| his Amours, Gallantry, Oeconomy, &c.| [rule]| LONDON: Printed for W. Boreham| at the Angel in Pater-noster-row. 1720.| (Price 1 s.)


p.1-182/ 12.


{L: 1418.a.46}.

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Cf. The Memoirs of Majr. Alexander Ramkins (London: R. King/ W. Boreham, 1719).link