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The Memoirs of Majr. Alexander Ramkins (London: R. King/ W. Boreham, 1719).

THE| MEMOIRS| OF| Majr. Alexander Ramkins,| A| HIGHLAND-OFFICER,| Now in Prison at| AVIGNON.| BEING| An Account of several remarkable| Adventures during about Twenty Eight| Years Service in Scotland, Germany, Italy,| Flanders and Ireland; exhibiting a very| agreeable and instructive Lesson of Hu-|man Life, both in a Publick and Private| Capacity, in several pleasant Instances of| his Amours, Gallantry, Oeconomy, &c.| [rule]| [vignette]| [rule]| LONDON: Printed for R. King at the| Queen's-head, and W. Boreham at the Angel| in Pater-noster-row, 1719.| [integriert in den Rahmen]| Price 1 s. 6 d. Stich'd, and 2 s. Bound.


half-title/ titlepage/ [2] pp. "Publisher to the Reader"/ p.1-182/ [4] pp. books published by R. King/ 12.


{L: 838.a.2} {L: G.14630} {O: Vet.A4f.442}.

Bibliographical Reference

J. R. Moore (1960), p.161: 408. - ESTC: t069373.


J. R. Moore (1960), p.161: 408: Defoe, Daniel.

History of Publication
  a this editionThe Memoirs of Majr. Alexander Ramkins (London: R. King/ W. Boreham, 1719). [Date of publication according to J. R. Moore (1960), p.161: 408: 9 Dec. 1718.]
  b The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Majr. Alexander Ramkins (London: W. Boreham, 1720). [J. R. Moore (1960), p.161-62: 408: "On 3 December 1719 Boreham reissued the unsold sheets at a lower price, omitting the publisher's preface and the leaf giving the half-title, but substituting a new title undoubtedly suggested by the recent success of The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe [...]. The remainder of the title was repeated from the first edition, and the edition was post-dated 1720."].link

Autobiographical mixture of political history, some amours and reports of robberies - intersting in a perspective, which displays the policies of Europe's greatest powers, especially of France. The Highland-officer Ramkins fights for some time for James II in French service. Stays on the continent. Political propaganda and indoctrination, aspects of Europe's public life reach into the strangely created view - all which badly copies La guerre d'Espagne (Cologne, Pierre Marteau, 1707).link The book does not seem to have been a success and was hence reissued under a more promising title and at a reduced price.


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