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La guerre d'Espagne (Cologne: Pierre Marteau, 1707).

LA| GUERRE| D'ESPAGNE, DE BA-|VIERE, ET DE FLANDRE,| OU| MEMOIRES| DU| MARQUIS D***.| CONTENANT| Ce qui s'est passé de plus sécret & plus particulier| depuis le commencement de cette Guerre, jusq'à| la fin de Campagne 1706.| Avec les Plans des Batailles qui se sont donnés.| [vignette: library, Artemis offers Mars a publication]| A COLOGNE,| Chez PIERRE MARTEAU.| [rule]| M. D. CCVII.

frontispiece [portrait "CHARLES III.| ROY D' ESPAGNE &c."]/ p.[i] black and red title page/ p.1-654 [text with numerous maps of the battlefields]/ 12mo.


*{12: Bavar. 1161}


Anonymous. Attributed to Courtilz de Sandras

History of publication

This is probably one of the best books on the market - yet also one of the most dubious. The earliest edition seems to have be a one volume edition published in 1707 (A.a). The edition seems to have been pirated in 1707 or 1708 (b - unverified) in Bruxelles, so the "Nouvelle Edition" published in 1708 (c.) in its "Avis au Lecteur", which does not only mention the additions, but also attacks the piracy, offering neither the additions nor the maps in this quality. Munich Staatsbibliothek holds another "Nouvelle Edition" published in 1710 (d.) - lacking the words against the piracy, it also does not show the publishers signet on the title page, neither the complete maps - c seems to be another piracy.

A. a this editionLa guerre d'Espagne [vignette: library, Artemis offers Mars a publication] (Cologne: Pierre Marteau, 1707).
  b [Bruxelles piracy, uverified.]
  c "Nouvelle Edition" [vignette: library, Artemis offers Mars a publication] (Cologne: Pierre Marteau, 1708).
d "Nouvelle Edition" [vignette: flowers] (Cologne: Pierre Marteau, 1710).link

I do not know how the English title The Memoirs of the Marq. de Langallerie relates to the French title quoted. Nouvelle Biographie Generale, 49 (Paris, 1859), p.383 mention a French book under the title La Guerre d'Italie, ou ces mémoires historiques, politiques et galants du Marquis de Langallerie, 1-2 (Cologne, 1703) - this might well be the source. I saw one copy of La Guerre d'Italie dating 1710 {12: Eur. 331 sa} - it did not mention Langallerie on the title page and I could not compare this book with the English title mentioned. The English editions listed bellow seem, however, to share stories with the French La guerre d'espangne. The allusion to Langallerie is curious. Philippe de Gentils, the Marquis de Langallerie (1656-1717) is a historical person. The Leyden Gazette reports his conversion from the catholic to the reformed religion in no. 61 20 June 1711. Langallerie himself published the reasons for his conversion - English: The Marquis de Langalerie's reasons for renouncing the Popish religion; with the discourse addressed to him in the French Church of Frankfort upon the Oder, at his public abjuration of the errors thereof [...] Translated from the French (London, 1713): {L: 700.f.25}. The very same Langallerie is three years later reported to have been imprisoned. Allegedly he and his friend Linage had contacted the Turkish Aga in The Hague with a plan to gather dissatified French protestants. Assisted by the Turkish fleet they were reportedly ready to attack Rom, to dethrone the pope and to establish the universal Theocracy. In 1716 Langallerie and Linage are imprisoned in Stade, near Hamburg, and transported to Vienna. Langallerie is said to have died in prison in 1717. See Ein gantz neues Gesang wegen des Marquis Langallerie und dem Graffen Linage (Prag: C. F. Rosenmüller, 1716): {L: 11521.a.4}. See also the entry in for »Langallerie« in Zedlers Universal-Lexicon, 16 (1737), col.593-94. The article gives a summary of the more detailed Memoires published some years later: Memoirs du Marquis de Langallerie, Histoire écrite par lui-même dan sa prison à Vienne (Cologne ou La Haye, 1743): {12:}. German: Lebens-Beschreibung des Marki von Langallerie (Gotha: J. P. Mevius, 1747): {L: 10658.aa.27}. These Memories differ widly from the personal accounts given in La guerre d'Espagne, de Baviere, et de Flandre ou memoires du Marquis D. (1707). It will be necessary to compare The Memoirs of the Marq. de Langallerie with La Guerre d'Italie, ou ces mémoires historiques, politiques et galants du Marquis de Langallerie, 1-2 (Cologne, 1703) and with La guerre d'Espangne to determine whether the following three entries belong into this context:

B. a. The Memoirs of the Marq. de Langallerie (London: R. Burrough/ J. Baker/ E. Curll/ E. Sanger, 1708): {L: 1195.d.27}.
b. [...] second edition (London: J. Round/ N. Cliff/ at A. Collins/ R. Halfey, 1710) [Date see Tatler, 124 (21 Jan 1710), p.[2] "This Day is published". and Tatler, 130 (4 Feb 1710), p.[2] "Just publish'd, the Second Edition of"].
c. [...] second edition (London: W. Taylor, 1712).

Parts of La guerre d'Espangne were included by Meletaon, i.e. Johann Leonhard Rost (1688-1727)link in his Die Helden- und Liebes-Geschichte dieser Zeiten (Nürnberg: J. L. Buggel, 1715).link He introduces a Marquis de Rebenac to be able to change the report from the first person singular to the third person. This name again belongs to a historcal person and Meletaon asks his readers not to confuse his man with the real de Rebenac. A great German translation appears five years later under the title:

C. a. Der spanische, teutsche, und niederländische Krieg oder: des Marquis von ... curieuser Lebens-Lauff, 1-2 (Franckfurt/ Leipzig, 1720). [The source seems - so the preface - to have been revised after the peace of Utrecht 1713 und before the death of Louis XIV].link

I did not check the following title quoted by Weber/ Mithal (1983), p.175. with the bibliographical details »HG, Ge {24:}«

?. Der spanisch-deutsche und niederländische Krieg. [s.l.] 1740. 1. 2.

Remarks: I only read the German edition (Olaf Simons).