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Silver abbasi of Sultan Husayn (1105-1135 AH/ 1694-1722 AD) Safavid dynasty, struck at the mint of Mashhad in 1130 AH/ 1717 AD. 23 mm, 5.4 g. The obverse translates to "Husayn, dog at the doorstep of Ali" referring to Ali, the first Shia spiritual leader


Persian coin first minted in the reign of Abbas I. (1587-1629). Coin weights vary. Silver Abbassi of 7.77 g and 9.33 g were minted as equivalents of 200 Dinari befor the monetary crisis of 1687/88 fixed the weight of the silver coin at 9.33 g. Gold Abbassi were minted under Abbas I in both weight groups and matched 2,000 Denars. The period after 1688 fixed the standard here as well at 9.33 g.

Under Solyman (1666-99) a big Abbassi, the Panj-Shai, of 250 Denars was introduced, during the Afghan wars two smaller Abbassi coins were added: one of 5.4 g in 1717 and one of 3.5 g in 1721. The "old Abbassi" remained the equivalent of 200 Dinars.

See also: Money (Persia).

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