Crown (England)

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Crown, William III, 1700, 38.6 mm.


The equivalent of five shillings. First issued as a gold coin under Henry VII (1485-1509) and as a silver coin (over twice the size of the gold crown) under Edward VI (1547-1553) from 1551 to 1553. The last hammered gold crowns were struck from 1649 to 1657, the last hammered silver crowns from 1649 to 1656, the first milled crown from now onwards issued only as in silver coins appeared in 1658. The regular production of milled silver crown began in 1662.

The first golden half crowns had appeared under Henry VIII (1509-1547), the production continued into the reign of James I (1603-1619), a larger sized silver half-crown appeared from 1603-1625. The last hammered half-crowns were produced from 1660 to 1662. The first milled silver half-crown had appeared in 1656 and 1658, the continuous production began in 1663.

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