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Beschreibung| der Liebes Intirguen| des Jesuiten| P.PETERS| JACOBI II.| Gewesenen Königs in En-|gelland Beicht-Vaters,| Worinnen man seine aller-|geheimsten Begebenheiten,| und seinen eigendlichen Character recht| ausgedrucket findet, wie auch die guten| Rathschläge, so er diesem König in| seiner Regierung gegeben| Zweyte Edition.| Aus dem Frantzösischen übersetzet.| [rule]| Cölln,| Bey Pierre Marteau.



black and red title page/ p.[1]-552/ p.[553] half title "Anhang einer gantz neuen curieusen Liebes-Begebenheit, zwischen einen Italiänischen Cavallier, und einer Schuster-Frau"/ p.554-63]/ 12mo.


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Hayn-Gotendorf: 1699.


Peters, an English gentleman, studies philosophy in Leuven at a Jesuite college, desperately managing his fleshly desires, until his teacher and friend recommends to him to become a monk there being hardly another cloak to cover one's love intrigues better with. The hero gets his share of intrugues with women from the baker's wife to an abbes, including also the ladies of the English court, where he successfully helps James II. to become the father of an illigitimate heir. In the background: the French oppression of the Huguenots demonstrated with letters written by Louis XIV. propagating a policy to bring the catholic religion back into the English court. The narrator focusses on the priest, who is even, p.251, tolerant with a woman who killed several people, if she helps him to satisfy his lust. All this is told without overt moralistic overtones or an indication of satire - spieced rather with a special delight about the actions of a rogue.

The Novel in Europe, 1650-1749