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For the history of the Marteau company click here. has been founded by Anton Kirchhofer, Martin Mulsow and Olaf Simons in 2001 as a website devoted to scholarly explorations of the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Associated projects are the Marteau Movie-Database opened by Sabine Biebl in 2002 and the 19th century Marteau run by Anton Kirchhofer since 2004.

To transform the old publishing house into a web platform inviting more communication between the participants we decided in 2006 to wikify its most successful projects. The step is ambivalent as it remains our aim to offer information you can quote – authorised knowledge in a medium of notoriously unreliable information. We have hence decided to restrict editorship within the wiki-database to participants who are ready to stand with their names for their work. You will have to contact the editors to open an account under your name – a measure which will in return protect your own work against vandalism and unauthorised modifications: whatever you will publish with Marteau within the Marteau-wiki will appear connected with your name; all changes will bear the names of those interfering who can be contacted within the project and privately via e-mail.

We invite contributors to open a user page and to give inforamtion about their ongoing work, and we have no objections if they should use these pages to advertise their work quite on the contrary: do use our site to promote work done in this field. Contact us with bigger projects you might like to vernture with us. We will try to support you wherever we can.

Notwithstanding the features the wikipedia medium does offer we will continue to publish articles and e-texts in definite html-editions – with a strong interest in finding individual designs and effective html-concepts. Contact us if you have texts you would like to publish the old fashioned way on the web.

semper idem,
Martin Mulsow, Anton Kirchhofer, Olaf Simons

Dr. Olaf Simons
c/o Böhne
Wageneggerstr. 3
81669 München