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Scheepjesschelling, West-Friesland. Inscription: 'MO:NO:ORDIN.WESTFRIÆ' (nieuwe munt van de Westfriese staten) and verso (ship): 'DEVS.FORTITVDO.ET.SPES.NOSTRA'


Dutch Silver coin of 6 stiuvers, named "Scheepjesschelling" in recognition of the ship depicted. Issued in the Dutch provinces from 1670 to 1793), in West-Friesland from 1673 to 1771 and in Utrecht from 1700 to 1794. The weight remained fixed at 4,95 g (583/1000 fineness). The first Scheepjesschellingen minted in West-Friesland from 1673 to 1679 were produced by the private mint of Dirk Bosch in Enkhuisen.

See Money (Dutch Republic).

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