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Shah Sultan Hussein Safavid (AH 1105-1135) silver 5-Shahi rectangular, Tabriz mint, 1128 AH/ 1715 AD. Reverse: the usual Shi'a formula in the center. Obverse: Name of the mint and date in the center without cartouche as well the legend: Bandeh shah velayat, Hussein. 28 x 19 mm. 8.6 g. [Album #2677.1 (type C), KM #276.1]

Persian silver coin usually minted as the equivalent of 50 Dinars. Larger denominations such as the 10 and 20 shahi in silver and 10 ashrafi in gold were usually presented to high officials and foreign dignitaries, who were expected to wear them on their clothing during official functions. (As a result, they are almost invariably found holed, mounted, or otherwise damaged.)

See Money (Persia)


Shah Sulayman I (AH 1079-1105) silver presentation coin, 20-Shahi, Isfahan 1099 AH/1690 AD. Obverse: in the center in Farsi: "bande-ye Shah velayat, Sulayman" with border inscription, Reverse: Shi'a legend in the center and the names of 12 Shi'a Imams on the border. 35.45 g., 50 mm. [Album #2664 type C, KM #229]

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