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Inscription: Sultanül berreyni [...]/ Tuğra, duribe fi Kostantiniye 1115 Diameter: 34 mm weight: 12.68 g


"Piece of 20" i.e. 20 paras. Silver coin of the Ottoman Empire. The Inscription reads “Duribe fi Kostantiniye 1115” i.e. minted in Kostantaniyye or Islambol (the alternative name for Istanbul or Constantinople) in the year 1115 H (i.e. of Hegira, the Islamic calendar, that is 1703 AD, which indicates not neccessarily the year of the actual production of the coin but the year of accession of Sultan Ahmed III; all of the coins minted during his reign bear the same date). “Tugra” means the imperial seal of the sultan.

See Money (Ottoman Empire)

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