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Editions Marteau is the label under which we are trying to offer — with an emphasis on the years 1650-1750 — practically all sorts of materials written, coposed or designed in the Early Modern era. Our editions should present texts you can quote: texts with page references to original editions, authentic formatting and original spelling, and, where our editors provided them, text with variants of other editions extant. We are trying to produce html texts you can enjoy reading on screen, with commentary, explanatory notes, and introductions, all with a perspective on modern research. Our editions are, bearing these aims in mind, most of all open projects.

You are invited to use our texts freely and to help us improve them. Contact us via verlagshaus@pierre-marteau.com with commentary, with proof readings you can offer, and with projects you would like to venture at Marteau.


Sir Thomas Malory,
Le Morte Darthur (London: William Caxton, 1485).
— An original-spelling text of the first printed edition. link


William Shakespeare,
The Tragedy of King Richard the third (London: Andrew Wise, 1597).
— An original-spelling text of the first quarto edition. link


William Shakespeare,
The Tragicall Historie of Hamlet Prince of Denmarke (London: Nicholas Ling, 1603).
— An original-spelling text of the first quarto edition. link


Paul Scarron,
The Comical Romance, Chapter XXI. ”Which perhaps will not be found very Entertaining“ (London: S. & J. Sprint/ J. Nicholson/ R. Parker/ B. Tooke, 1700).
— Why the French should follow the Spanish and write novels rather than romances. link


George Villiers,
The Rehearsal (London: Thomas Dring, 1672).
- A satire on the contemporary production of heroick tragedies. Edited by Sonja Baumann and John Müller link
Richard Wild,
Dr Wild's Humble Thanks to his Majesties Gracious Declaration for Liberty of Conscience, March 15, 1672 (London, 1672).
— Religio-political satire (of marginal interest to readers of DeFoe’s Robinson Crusoe). link


[Du Plaisir,]
”Sentimens sur l’histoire“ from: Sentimens sur les lettres et sur l’histoire, avec des scruples sur le stile' (Paris: C. Blageart, 1683). link


[Aphra Behn,]
Love-Letters Between a Noble-Man and his Sister (London: Randal Taylor, 1684).link


[Aphra Behn,]
Love Letters From a Noble Man to his Sister ... the Second Part (London: 1685). link


[Aphra Behn,]
The Amours of Philander and Silvia: Being the Third and Last Part of the Love-Letters Between a Noble-Man and his Sister (London: 1687). link


Broadsheet reporting the marriage of Charles II of Spain with Maria Anna of Pfalz-Neuburg.
- Though the sheet shows the couple in bed, even the king’s second marriage did not serve to procure the male heir Spain needed. link


Johann Andreas Eyßenparth,
Leaflet advetising the travelling German doctor’s services (1692). link


Edmond Halley,
An Estimate of the Degrees of the Mortality of Mankind, drawn from curious Tables of the Births and Funerals at the City of Breslaw; with an Attempt to ascertain the Price of Annuities upon Lives, Philosophical Transactions, 196 (London, 1693), p.596-610. ed. Matthias Böhne, 2002. Halleys statistics and, on seperate pages, modern diagrams digesting the data on life expectancy, mortality rates and the city’s aging population. link
Robert Gould,
The Corruption of the Times by Money. A Satyr (London: Matthew Wotton, 1693). ed. Olaf Simons, 2005. link


Broadsheet: War against the Turks: The peace treaty between Turks and Christians signed at Karlowitz 26 Jan. 1699. link


Reports of the Officers of the Mint about the Preservation of the Coyne (1701-1725).
— The Royal Mint’s advice on monetary politics with Newton’s his observations on the world wide flow of monies © Olaf Simons, 2004. link


Abbe Bellegarde,
”Lettre à une Dame de la Cour, qui lui avoit demandé quelques Reflexions sur l’Histoire“ from: Lettres curieuses de littérature et de morale (La Haye: Adrian Moetjens, 1702). link


Gottlieb Stolle,
Begegnungen in Rotterdam, 6.-8. August 1703. Notes from his conversations with Pierre Bayle, Caspar Kohlhans, Paulus Crellius and Jacques Basnage de Beauval.
— With Pierre Bayle’s observations on the market of modern novels. Ed. Martin Mulsow and Olaf Simons, 2006. link


Broadsheet: Spanish Succession War, Naval battle of French and Alliied forces near Malaga, 24 Aug. 1704. Dutch print to be inserted in map collections. link


[Joseph Browne?]
The Secret History of Queen Zarah, and the Zarazians (Albigion, 1705).
— A cynical history on Sarah Duchess of Marlborough and her secret political power over Queen Anne. link
Johannes Stridbek, Junior
Broadsheet: Spanish Succession War, Aug. 1704 to Feb. 1705: The unsuccessful siege of Gibraltar by French troops, after the British taking the fortress in 1704. Print published with German description in Augsburg copying an original published in London. link


Menantes [Christian Friedrich Hunold],
Satyrischer Roman (Hamburg: Benjamin Wedel, 1706).
— The novel that scandalised Hamburg up to the point where the young author had to leave the city, and the novel which inspired a wave of imitations written by students in Halle, Leipzig and Jena during the next two decades. link


L’Alemand François et le François Alemand. Das ist: 61 Gespräch in das Teutsche übersetzt und zur Seiten die Frantzösische Aussprach mit teutschen Buchstaben beygefügt (Nürnberg: J. D. Tauber, 1707), Extracts.
— French for early 18th-century tourists with indications of the proper pronounciation. Ed. Olaf Simons, 2002. link


Georg Heinrich Paritius,
Cambio Mercatorio oder Neu erfundene Reductiones derer vornehmsten Europäischen Müntzen (Regensburg, 1709), ed. Matthias Böhne, 2005. link
Zacharias Conrad von Uffenbach
Merckwürdige Reisen durch Niedersachsen, Holland und Engelland, 1. Theil (Frankfurt/ Leipzig, 1753). His journey from Cassel, November 11, 1709 to Bardevick near Lüneburg, February 2, 1710, with stations in Magdeburg, Helmstädt, Hildesheim, Wolfenbüttel, Braunschweig and Lüneburg and a preface with Uffenbach's biography. link


Zacharias Conrad von Uffenbach
Merckwürdige Reisen durch Niedersachsen, Holland und Engelland, 2. Theil (Frankfurt/ Leipzig, 1753). His journey from Adelburg near Lüneburg, February 3, 1710 to Littlebury, July 26, 1710, with stations in Lübeck, Hamburg, Bremen, Oldenburg, Emden, Groningen, Leeuwarden, Franecker, Deventer, Amersfort, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, London, and Epsom. link
Zacharias Conrad von Uffenbach
Merckwürdige Reisen durch Niedersachsen, Holland und Engelland, 3. Theil (Ulm, 1754). His journey from Cambridge, July 27, 1710 to Cöln, April 18, 1711, with stations in Oxford, London, Rotterdam, Delft, Den Haag, Leiden, Harlem, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Düsseldorf and Cöln (Cologne). link


Broadsheet: Spanish Succession War, 12-13 Sep. 1711. The French attack the Portuguese Rio de Janeiro: Plan de la baye et de la ville de Rio Janeiro prise de l’Escadre Commandée par Mr. Duguay Trouin, et armée par des particulìeres de St Malo en 1711. Ed. by Jim Chevallier, 2002. Siege of Rio de Janeiro, 1711


Johann Hübner,
Preface to: Curieuses Natur-Kunst-Gewerck- und Handlungs-Lexicon (Leipzig: Joh. Fr. Gleditsch & Sohn, 1712).
— on the rise of the modern, alphabetically organised, dictionary. link


Spanish Succession War: Dutch/French broadsheet reporting the peace of Utrecht with images of the negotiations and the final celebration. The page is interesting as it also depicts an event which the publisher only forsaw to take place in the course of events - the date is left open for the customer to insert, while France and the Empire ultimately failed to sign the treaty at Utrecht. link
Deutsche Acta Eruditorum,
Review of the French translation of Delarivier Manley’s New Atalantis 1709 (Leipzig: J. L. Gleditsch, 1713).
— A learned journal rewiews a scandalous roman à clef with a keen interest on politics. link


[Delarivier Manley,]
The Adventures of Rivella; or, the History of the Author of the Atalantis (London: [E. Curll,] 1714).
— Delarivier Manley fighting for her reputation and writing the novel Charles Gildon wanted to write. link


Jane Barker,
Exilius of the Banish’d Roman. A New Romance (London: E. Curll, 1715).
— A “new romance” written against the vices of the common novels. link


[Johann Friedrich Riederer,]
“Satyra von den Liebes-Romanen”, from: Die abentheuerliche Welt in einer Pickelheerings-Kappe, 2 ([Nürnberg,] 1718).
— Why people of all classes are so fond of novels and romances, a satire. Ed. Olaf Simons, 2002. link


[Daniel DeFoe,]
The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (London: W. Taylor, 1719).
— The famous seaman’s account of his life, commented html-text of the first edition. © Olaf Simons and Christopher Vilmar, 2006. link